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Buy mosaic tile for construction decorate, best choise Jinyuan mosaic.

一月 5, 2018

China is MOSAIC TILE production country, according to statistics, about 90% of the global Mosaic tile and Mosaic pattern made in China. Because of its illuminative beautiful, personalization, environmental protection, easy to clean, etc, Mosaic tiles in recent 10 years for the development by leaps and bounds. Mosaic factory or sales companies are various. Different brands. So, we buy Mosaic tile, should from what respect to choose and buy high quality Mosaic? Or which brands to pick?


Let intorduce the Top10 Brand – Boluo Jinyuan Mosaic Co.,Ltd. for you.

Mosaic tile

Jinyuan Mosaic 20 years dedicated in mosaic tile pattern background wall, Mosaic TV setting wall experts, has its own 10000 square production base. The cumulative service global 100000 customers Mosaic pattern background wall customized services. Total shipments of more than 3 million square meters. Jinyuan Mosaic tiles is waterproof, does not change color, easy to clean, work in 100 years. Is a mosaic pattern background wall industry leading brands.


Jinyuan Mosaic is specialized in gold foil Mosaic, silver foil Mosaic, Mosaic pattern, MOSAIC TILE BACKSPLASH mural artwork manufacturer and one-stop integration background wall, Jinyuan Mosaic focus on mosaic wall of setting of 20 years. Jinyuan Mosaic distribution dealers in major cities of the country, and exported to Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Japan, southeast Asia and other countries.


Jinyuan Mosaic is one of the Mosaic industry Top 10 brand in China. Jinyuan Mosaic with a special focus on through the artistic value of art and design to enhance the Mosaic background wall. In order to pursue the maximization of the value of space MOSAIC TILE ART design and integration of control, the setting wall of Jinyuan Mosaic completed the complete supporting ability, jinyuan Mosaic is the first in the industry will be Mosaic pattern, Mosaic mural setting wall with the Roman column, line, line that play a base for integrated manufacturers. Is a one-stop solution to TV setting wall, dining-room setting wall, toilet background wall mosaic pattern background wall experts.


Jinyuan Mosaic is a mosaic of setting wall industry leading brands. Jinyuan Mosaic with a special focus on product innovation and development. With dedicated laboratory, in the industry take the lead in perfect solved the gold foil alkali, acid, oxidation, chemical and physical problems, such as old. So, our products can be widely used in TV setting, bathrooms, swimming pools, cabinet room to decorate, condole top, sofa background, KTV, hotel lobby, decoration and other places, is the importance of indoor and outdoor decoration decoration materials.


Jinyuan Mosaic is the only one company in mosaic background wall industry to apply for several national technology patents and pass international certification. We have several national patents, is one of the important suppliers. Wanda and other large real estate enterprises and 10 Mosaic brand success in China Ceramics City. In foreign countries, our products have passed the SGS inspection authority, completely accords with the standard of the United States and the European Union, long a B&Q, Homedepot and other large supermarket products supplier.


Welcome to asked variety of beautifully created mosasic tile from Jinyuan mosaic.

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