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Gold foil glass mosaic tile supplier-Jinyuan mosaic

一月 3, 2018

Jinyuan mosaic focus on GOLD MOSAIC already 20 years,we are the real and imitation gold mosaic expert and have a number of national patent technology also through the German SGS test. Jinyuan GOLD GLASS MOSAIC is alkali resistant,waterproof,anti-oxygen and does not fade.Life can last 100 years.Our gold mosaic tile varieties according to the relative the position of gold and glass can be into the surface gold mosaic,laminated gold mosaic and bottom gold mosaic.According to the different texture divided into smooth gold mosaic,wavy gold mosaic.According to the different shapes, divided into square gold mosaic,stripe gold mosaic,hexagonal gold mosaic and others.It is divided into type of gold foil,it can be 24K gold mosaic,high imitation gold mosaic,cold spray gold mosaic and so on.

Firstly,let me introduce our Imitation gold foil glass mosaic.Jinyuan mosaic’ imitation foil not as the old technique use brass and Aluminum foil to mounted with glass base also without special protect. So they is not ok for inside wet area and outdoor enviroment. After some time, color will be fade or turning dark black or others , likes green because of oxidation. What we use is Ag+ (Silver) material. Because of Ag+ foil is not active when missing chemical material. According to the Periodic Table of Elements, Ag does not react with alkali. The activity of metallic elements (strong→weak) is as follows:

K Ca Na Mg Al Zn Fe Sn Pb (H) Cu Hg Ag Pt Au

Real gold mosaic

Remarks: Substances from K to Cu react with alkali, and substances marked from Hg to Au does not react with alkali. Each substance is less active than the one on its left.

As you can see, Ag+ material is near Pt and Au. One is Platinum another is Real gold. It is stable material also not in such high price as Pt and Au.So why we choose.

Lastly important point is we use special oil spraying and epoxy resin for underside foil project to make it durable. After 20 years update and experience, we can control well of this kind gold foil mosaic qualiy and get reputation from overseas and domestic market.


Secondly, we will intorduce our 24K GOLD MOSAIC. As before words, 24K real gold mosaic we will choice Au and Pt. Au for gold mosaic, Au + Pt for silver mosaic. We use 98.9% gold and after 800 °C high temperature burn for Gold glass mosaic and platinum mosaic is using 45% pure platinum and 55% real gold material to mixed.Then after 800 degrees high temperature hot melt in the same expansion coefficient of glass at the bottom of the real gold foil Mosaic of platinum, can be used for swimming pool, outdoor and other bad environment, never change color off. conventional chip size: 20 x20x4mm ,15 x15x4mm, 10 x10x4mm, etc.

gold mosaic swimming pool

real gold mosaic floor


Pls check our case one is for Platinum mosaic floor and one is for gold mosaic swimming pool. Because of it is luxury and expesnive product, so our facing client of this real gold mosaic is hotel or shopping mall or villa owner. We hope people are getting rich and can use such luxury prodoct more easy.


Thirdly, we R&D colored gold mosaic, colored gold mosaic is also imitation gold mosaic. Just we use color glass base with color foil to make composite color then also with special foil protect to make it durable.We total have 200 colors in glossy color and 200 in matt color.They are very popular in glass mosaic chip hobby DIY Kits artwork studios and classes. It is also can as law material for mosaic pattern and mosaic mural make.

Colored gold mosaic


Last,We have strong will and confident to be the No.1 gold glass mosaic supplier in the world. We service to Home Depot,B&Q,Leroy Merlin and other large supermarket suppliers several years of gold mosaic,so that’s the best proof. All in all, Jinyuan Mosaic, the Mysterious Oriental power from China.Quality is the soul of an enterprise. Also is a country, a nation’s dignity. We are new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, with national feelings, constant innovation and development. We use own strength, climb in the peak of the world and constantly refresh the standards of the world. I think, this is a kind of the basic spirit of the entrepreneur should have. Also is the historical contribution from us. When a group of strength brands from China constantly randome and invincible in the global market , that means our great country is rising.


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