Gold silver glass mosaic wall tile


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SGS is the world’s leading provider of inspection, certification also testing , and is a globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark. SGS is a comprehensive inspection organization that conducts a variety of physical, chemical and metallurgical analyzes, including destructive and non-destructive testing, providing the client with a complete set of quantity and quality inspections as well as related technical services, Pre-inspection services to provide all kinds of services related to international trade, such as commodity technology, transportation, warehousing and other services, supervision and purchase and sale, trade, raw materials, industrial equipment, consumer goods associated with all or any part of the commercial trade and operation process. SGS certification products through products to Europe and the United States market, an important pass.

The GOLD MOSAIC,SILVER MOSAIC,MOSAIC PATTERN,MOSAIC MURAL are all certified by SGS, such as alkali resistance test, acid resistance test, UV test, aging resistance test, hardness test, adhesion Test, deuterium lamp test … … specific report is as follows, each report is a test result. Indicate the international standard and Jinyuan mosaic products, the actual test results.The experimental report shows that Jinyuan mosaic products in full compliance with the most stringent international standards.


Test-Report-1Test Report 2Test Report 3Test Report 4

Test Report 6Test Report 7Test Report 8Test Report 9Test Report 10Test Report 11Test Report 12Test Report 13Test Report 14Test Report 15Test Report 16Test Report 17Test Report 18Test Report 19Test Report 20Test Report 21Test Report 22Test Report 23Test Report 24Test Report 25

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