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Which glass mosaic brand is reputation?Jinyuan mosaic

一月 5, 2018

China has 10 big brands of mosaic tile including Rongguan Mosaic, ROSE Mosaic, Jinyuan Mosaic (Jinyuan foil GLASS MOSAIC), JNJ Mosaic,SEED Mosaic, Caihua Mosaic,LEIFU Mosaic,Longart Mosaic, Viewgres Mosaic, HK Pearl Mosaic, in no particular order. Because of different technology emphasis of each brand, product positioning is different also, it is difficult to establishing who first. After small make up just according to the market reaction and marketing situation of the industry, the quality of products, brand visibility and reputation of the indicators are roughly divided into, for your reference only. The following related to Mosaic 10 big brands.



Foshan Rongguan glass building materials co., LTD., is a large scale in southern China decorative glass building materials enterprises, mainly produces glass Mosaic stone, quartz, hills, (also known as the engineering stone, synthetic stone), west. Products are sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, South America, Russia, Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, central Africa, Italy, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


Rongguan Mosaic is in sanshui district, foshan city, is located in the town of white shows that private industrial zone, covers an area of more than 30 ㎡, production building area of 200000 ㎡. The company has a technical maturity, the research of the heart, the constant innovation of the engineering personnel team, so that the craft of the enterprise is mature. There are more than 10 professional production lines, equipped with domestic first-class production equipment to meet the requirements of professional production technology. The company is committed to improving the management level of the enterprise, carrying out and passing the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.


“Glory crown” GLASS MOSAIC TILE chemical stability is good, not change color, do not accumulate dust, the adhesion property is good, the color is rich, flowery and elegant, the simple sense is unique, durable, lasting new. It is applicable to the interior decoration of the building, such as building, hotel, office building, house, workshop, villa, swimming pool, etc. The products include ordinary, sand free, magic color, cloud, fantasy, Venus, golden cloud, pure gold, anti-slip, foreign type and other top 10 series of colors, annual production capacity of 12 million square meters. The rich color of glass Mosaic is able to express the level of color exquisitely, high-grade glass material makes special quality product. Rongguan glass Mosaic with the introduction of modern science and technology such as computer design, fine arts professionals carefully made of a variety of artistic design, such as figures, landscape, natural color, fine workmanship, unique creativity, all show luxury and elegance. Rongguan glass Mosaic is suitable for decoration of exterior walls of buildings. It is an ideal decoration material for various hotels, shopping malls, stations, airports, subway stations, swimming pools and home walls.

2.ROSE Mosaic


Kaiping rose art Mosaic co., LTD. Is located in the famous wuyi hometown kaiping. It has nine domestic most advanced glass Mosaic and ceramic Mosaic production line, is a professional production of all kinds of high-grade Mosaic and art Mosaic large manufacturers.


ROSE Mosaic, with its good production technology and rich management experience, has led the quality and sales of “sanda” and “aicui” brand mosaics to the forefront of the industry. In 2002, we took the lead in the industry by dedicating the “ROSE” art Mosaic to the majority of users with our professional vision, rigorous attitude and advanced ideas. Over the years, we have persisted in innovation, continuous improvement, always creating extraordinary products and Mosaic myths

3.Jinyuan Mosaic

Glass mosaic


Boluo county jinyuan Mosaic co., LTD. Is located in huizhou, guangdong province, China, with the modern and fully automatic gold foil Mosaic, Mosaic production line. Jinyuan Mosaic focus on gold foil Mosaic, silver foil Mosaic, Mosaic pattern, Mosaic mural already 20 years of research and development and design. The most obvious feature of the Jinyuan Mosaic gold foil silver foil Mosaic is alkali waterproof, no oxidation, discoloration, don’t fall off. Their company’s slogan is: % source licensing of gold Mosaic, works in 100 years.


Jinyuan Mosaic has strong research and development design ability of GLASS MOSAIC ART. On the gold foil Mosaic technology has dozens of technical patents, and passed the SGS international certification in Germany. Is the world’s first developed alkali resistant high imitation gold foil Mosaic factory.

4. JNJ Mosaic


The company was founded in 1992 and is in sync with the Chinese art Mosaic market. JNJ Mosaic is the leading high-end brand of the company, and has been honored as “famous trademark of guangdong province” and “top ten brand of gold cube award in China Mosaic industry”.


The main products of JNJ Mosaic are glass Mosaic, including sand glass Mosaic, gold line Mosaic, ice jade Mosaic, etc


The unique temperament of elegance, taste and personality is the style that “JNJ” has always sought. Combining the traditional techniques of Italy and Europe, it has rejected the dull of traditional building materials and the aesthetic feeling of pursuing art. JNJ products with bold design, cut and line creative win, set ideas, aesthetics, life together, develop the most creative Mosaic art works.


Times are changing, life is improving. JNJ Mosaic products has never been constrained by a simple material concept, and actively committed to the capture of the fashion trends, always with its unique creative design, exquisite craft, the matching space solution, excellent quality are exalted, and gradely has the cultural taste of the masses of consumers, but more proud of JNJ stems from its artistic creativity. Adhering to the “taste acme process, feel the art life” business philosophy, is committed to continuously implement “innovation leads the industry development, towards the world become a global Mosaic industry ONLY 1” the grand strategy of dream!!!!!

5. SEED Mosaic


Seed decoration material co., LTD. Is one of the largest mosaics manufacturing enterprises in China, located in shunde district, foshan city, pearl river delta.


SEED Mosaic Italy relying on advanced technology, professional research and development production of a new generation of advanced Mosaic products, the company has multiple sets of advanced kiln production and processing equipment, outstanding professionals, annual production capacity of 600000 square meters.


SEED Mosaic main crystal Mosaic and ceramic tile by hand. In order to “quality of survival, innovation for development” as the principle, using advanced production technology and scientific management mode, innovative product development, rigorous lean production, fully implement the international quality management system standard, riverside, products well received by vast consumers.

6.Caihua Mosaic


Caihua art ceramic Mosaic, Mosaic assists. Complete specifications, color is rich and colorful, flexible collocation, can be used with rules of geometry, and can be carried out in accordance with the color gradient combination, show the result is boundless; The product adopts pure natural raw material, green environmental protection, no radiation, the pursuit of natural beauty; Anti-slip wear-resistant and anti-pressure property is excellent, widely used in the kitchen, bathroom and other anti-skid performance requirements of higher ground. Due to the design and color of product specifications and diverse, for all kinds of space give personalized fashion colour, Mosaic has also been applied to the background wall, hall, bedroom, hallway, waterscape all sorts of places such as KTV, swimming pool, garden decoration. Decorated Mosaic rather artistic expression, personalized fashion, is space gives space extremely strong stereo feeling, strong visual impact, and the designer has provided a broad space for consumers play space, becoming the most fashionable adornment material.

7. LEIFU Mosaic


LEIFU Mosaic is the world’s larger Mosaic manufacturer, lei rich art stone industry co., LTD as a global power set Mosaic research, opinions, production, sales in a body specialized enterprise.


LEIFU art stone industry co., LTD. In sum total proposed a lei huang Yang under the guidance of the rich world famous brand, the enterprise from a small workshops to develop into a large marble Mosaic factory and a number of plants, and form a complete set of professional packaging manufacturer, set up the new product development and new product research institute, has a strong professional design, research and development team, existing staff 800 people, the company main leaders are study abroad returnees, and have received strict professional training in Italy

8. Longart Mosaic


Foshan Longart building materials co., LTD. Is one of the crystal Mosaic series production enterprises in the building materials industry, located in the pearl river delta, foshan shunde district, which has a beautiful environment and developed water and land transportation.


Longart Mosaic covers an area of 40,000 square meters and has the hardware of large modern workshops and office buildings. Main production of crystal mosaic scissors. Have the industry advanced equipment and production technology, have the most excellent technical personnel and management team.


Longart Mosaic is mainly used for crystal Mosaic, sand glass Mosaic and Mosaic. It has a perfect dealer system in China.


9.Viewgres Mosaic


Viewgres, derived from the spirit of German national spirit, interprets a German elite attitude


Viewgres Mosaic is a sino-german joint venture which integrates design, research and development, production and global trade. Since its inception in 2006, it has adhered to the German “quality and innovation” management philosophy, implemented the advanced management mode and implemented the global sustainable development strategy. Now in the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Hong Kong set up subsidiaries/offices, and set up product design studio in New York, the international ceramic tile industry set a high international reputation.


Viewgres Mosaic, which follows the trend of The Times and the Italian product design concept of aesthetic taste, in 2009, the world first created 2CM quartz bricks, which cultivated the European and American markets and won recognition and respect. In 2015, Viewgres stick to quartz brick on the top of the category – thickness measured, inside and outside and repair, 1 cm quartz brick, advocate the silica brick Indoor&Outdoor “indoor and outdoor” whole application concept, provide high-quality products for the global elite to beautify the environment.


Viewgres Mosaic focuses on environmental protection and consumer health and safety, environmental protection and recycling of renewable resources, and obtaining international green leaf certification. With “natural aesthetics” as the core idea, the quartz brick is the high quality ceramic tile in Europe’s high-end mainstream. Brick more-a bright, soft and natural perfect craft, bibulous rate is below 0.1%, presents the density of quartz crystal structure and international PEI4 – level 5 high wear-resisting quality, natural, fashion and beautiful space.


10, HK Pearl Mosaic


Drift lijiang jade dragon building materials co., LTD. Also calls HK Pearl Mosaic, foshan factory is located in the hometown of the new city, covers an area of 60 mu, founded in 1998, the exhibition hall at the address China Mosaic city. Company existing staff 450 people, on average, nissan 4000 cases of about 17000 ㎡, is the company’s products 60% export.


We aim to “produce world-class products and provide the best services”. HK Pearl Mosaic through the introduction of advanced production equipment production high quality “drift” brand glass Mosaic, variety, good chemical stability, not change color, no dust, good adhesion performance, durable, is suitable decoration to the external walls of buildings, such as building, hotel, residential, office buildings, factories, villas, swimming pools, etc.


HK Pearl Mosaic products with sand, magic color, cloud, Venus, jinyun, ice jade (amber), porcelain jade, gold foil, crystal, etc. More than 100 colors. The company has fully implemented the iso9001:2000 quality management system, which conforms to the British “BS6431” test standard and is the designated use product of the Hong Kong housing authority, which accounts for 80 of the market.

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